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Regular distance bicycle safety.

The present invention relates to an adjustable spacer bicycle safety, which allows the rider to signal with either hand, fast, convenient and secure, the situation of the minimum safe distance when being advance by another vehicle, thereby ensuring not being reached by inexperience or carelessness of the driver who advances to establish a security zone between the lateral edge of the cyclist and the vehicle that will make overtaking. With its use would be achieved very significantly reduce accidents annually in which hundreds of cyclists injured...

D. Diego Benitez Manzano has developed a regular distance of bicycle safety that has been tested, successfully, for over a year on roads of all kinds. The device is a universal accessory that is easy to install on any bike with adjustable shapes to pictures without impeding the maneuverability and safety of using it.

The design is completely new in its forms, instructions for use, effectiveness and safety when the rider is advanced by another vehicle, as it lays a strip of the lateral separation between the rider and the vehicle will make overtaking.

The rider can make a manual adjustment in the security strip from 0 meters to 1.5 meters and can be used both day and night and can be distinguished more than 150 meters through the reflective elements.

The invention was awarded the Gold Medal and the Special Jury Commendation at the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva, and awarded the prize "Garcia Cabrerizo" Invention Spanish.

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